About Us

Facility – The facility was specifically designed as a gun range in 1984. It was purchased by Lewman Arms in May of 2022. To enhance the experience, we completely rebuilt and updated the range to be pistol and rifle rated by including a ½” AR 500 steel backstop at a 30 degree angle with an additional 3 feet of rubber mulch on top. The ventilation system was also upgraded to 6000 CFM of air evacuation capacity, as well as the introduction of a range cooling system. 


Jared began working as a gunsmith in 2010 out of his 300 square foot garage. He became interested in military firearms and grew his knowledge of MG-42s over the course of several years. In 2016, he upgraded to an 1800 square foot facility and soon became the #1 MG-42 shop in the country. In 2022, he and Tiffani purchased the current 5700 square foot facility. He continues to do gunsmithing work on site.  If you have questions regarding gunsmithing, please send an email to him directly at lewmanarms@gmail.com. As he is typically on the bench, this is the only way to communicate with him. He is unavailable for phone calls or face to face communication.


Tiffani began assisting Jared with transfers and paperwork in 2010 while teaching elementary school. In 2012, Tiffani became a certified NRA Pistol instructor and began offering safety and conceal carry classes. She took time off to raise her & Jared’s children but jumped back in when they purchased the facility in May of 2022. Since opening in October of that year, Tiffani has managed the retail shop and range. She is the go-to person for all firearm sales and purchases. If you have questions regarding sales, purchases, or transfers, please send an email to lewmanrange3759@gmail.com.


Paul is a USAF veteran and began working as a welder and fabricator with Lewman Arms in September 2020. He is our resident in-house jack of all trades. 


Whitney has been a team member and investor of Lewman Arms since its inception in 2010. She currently assists in the retail shop, on the range, and as needed behind the scenes