We Buy Guns

Here at Lewman Arms, WE BUY GUNS daily! In order to meet this goal, we seek out every gun possible to buy. We buy collections as small as one and estates up to hundreds of guns. Our offers are fair and up to date with the latest pricing. All offers are CASH in hand, ready to buy NOW. The best part about Lewman Arms gun buying program is we will come to YOU! That’s right, we will come to you, ready to buy your WHOLE collection.

We also deal in machine guns, suppressors, sbr’s, sbs., and destructive devices. This allows us to buy WHOLE collection and not just the non-NFA firearms. On top of dealing in NFA weapons, we also specialize in paperwork recovery of NFA items such as estates with lost paperwork for registered guns. Most dealers won’t even talk to you about an NFA item without paperwork in hand. At Lewman Arms, we seek out these weapons and do what it takes to preserve the firearms legality to allow these weapons to be passed on to other firearms enthusiasts and to be enjoyed for years to come. Please note the guns must be legal or they must be forfeit to the ATF as contraband.

In addition to buying guns we will also by ammunition, firearms parts kits, gun accessories, reloading equipment and supplies, safes; YES safes, and almost anything related to firearms in your collection. Other shops won’t even buy the ammo you have, we will buy your WHOLE collection!

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