Custom Builds

Custom Builds by Lewman Arms Manufacturing

Here at Lewman Arms we build a variety of firearms and custom builds on a regular basis. All builds will be quoted by the type of firearm and what, you as the customer, are looking for as an end result.

AK Variant Builds: Starting at $575

  • Part kit de-milling – original barrel, cut barrel, or de-mill work with a complete build
  • Barrel populating and head-spacing – USA virgin barrel & military virgin barrels
  • Re-barreling your gun – USA barrel & military barrel
  • Barrel knurling to fit your trunnion
  • Barrel turning to fit your trunnion or components
  • New gas piston installation
  • Complete parts kit building – original or populated barrel
  • Muzzle device pinning and welding
  • Complete build; no refinishing – original or populated barrel, virgin – USA barrel, virgin military barrel

We do not build AK flats, only 100% fully heat-treated receivers

FN FAL Builds: Starting at $450

  • Barrel population and head-spacing
  • Complete build with refinishing
  • Complete build; no refinishing


AR15 Builds: Starting at $150

  • Upper assembly and head-spacing
  • Lower assembly
  • Complete rifle assembly


Misc. Parts Kit Builds: Starting at $750

  • Sten builds
  • HK/Cetme builds – your receiver or on receiver we bend
  • Uzi builds – *we do not do rewelds or bend Uzi receivers
  • Belt fed builds


NFA Builds: Starting at $175

  • Short barrel rifle
  • Short Barrel shotgun
  • Post Sample