MG 42 Build Services and Conversion Kits

MG42/M53 build services are currently on a 6 to 8 week timeline. Email us at if you have a kit you would like us to build.

  • We offer both semi-auto & full auto builds from parts kits for the MG42/M53 guns.
  • All builds come with a lifetime warranty.
  • We build only on kits that contain all of the original receiver pieces.
  • All builds are finished in Cerakote – we do not offer bluing services.
  • MG42/M53 builds start at $3250.
  • Semi-auto builds require BRP bold & grip sticks – we do not build on modified original parts for a semi-auto build.
  • Full-auto builds follow all NFA rules & regulations – as of 1986, we cannot build new civilian-legal (transferable) machine guns.


MG42 Welding Jigs are $1200 shipped and are currently in stock. BUY HERE!