Gun Safety Class

Lewman Arms & Range’s Basic Pistol course is the perfect place to get an introduction to the fundamentals of operating and shooting a pistol. This course is designed for new shooters, or shooters that have been out of practice for a significant amount of time and need a reintroduction. In this course, students are led through a series of hands-on exercises to show how to operate a handgun safely and effectively.

Our NRA certified instructors understand that simply handling a firearm can be intimidating. It is our goal to build confidence in our students by ensuring that they are taught the fundamentals of operating a handgun with accuracy, while still adhering to all gun safety rules. We also have a female instructor and FEMALE ONLY classes available.

Gun safety is top priority, so there will be a strong emphasis on handgun safety rules, and extensive instruction on how to handle a firearm properly and safely.

This is an NRA guided course that is generally completed in one day. Students can expect the following:

Classroom portion. In the classroom, our skilled instructors will guide students through a series of hands-on, exercises that will instill confidence and effective shooting techniques for beginner students. We will discuss the mechanics and parts of both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. We will discuss how to properly load, unload, store and clean your handgun. Instructors will demonstrate proper sight alignment and sight picture. Instructors will discuss what to do in the case of Misfires, Malfunctions, and Other Problems. There is a written examination, you must score 85% or better to move onto live-fire exercises on the range.

Range portion. While on the range, students will begin their hands-on instruction and skill development through live-fire drills focusing on the following principles and exercises:

  • Gun Safety
  • Basic Weapon Manipulation, loading and unloading.
  • Proper Hand Placement
  • Sight Alignment & Sight Picture
  • Breath and Trigger Control
  • Misfires, Malfunctions, and Other Problems

During this time instructors will be watching how students handle the pistol. Instructors will be looking for specific safety techniques that were discussed throughout the class. We consider safety the absolute most important factor and instructors will FAIL a student that repeatedly handles a firearm in an unsafe manner.

Students will have the use of a Glock 44(22lr), including ammunition, eye/ear protection and targets. You may bring your own handgun to use, however, it must be unloaded prior to entering the classroom. DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION INTO THE CLASSROOM.


Note: Students must meet the shooting qualification to receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used to apply for your concealed weapons permit. You ARE NOT required to qualify on the same day as the course. If you would like time to practice your new skills until you are ready to qualify, you can schedule your qualification for another day. Qualification requires 80% accuracy on a 9in diameter with a provided target.

Another Note: Dress appropriately! Hot brass flies everywhere so please protect your skin. (Students will not be allowed on the range in sandals or tank tops.)


To register for the next class, visit the store or call. 863-875-2657